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Fluid Dynamics (2018)

I. unsteady flow

II. silent mobility

iii. shifting simmer


When I was studying with Joel Harder at Binghamton, I knew that I wanted to write a piece for both of us, especially since I had never written for two pianos before. 

This piece was the response to that, taking a scientific concept of fluid dynamics and illustrating it through music, thus leading to the various characters of the movements. Pointillism in the first, Impressionistic textures in the second, and a rhythmically driven third that *may* have some influence from my love for Jason Robert Brown's music. It also was a tongue-in-cheek reference to Joel, who many times in my lessons would tell me to play as if "keeping it on the simmer".

fluid dynamics was premiered on March 21, 2018 at Binghamton University, with Joel Harder and I at the keyboards.

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