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Dereinst, gedanke mein (Grieg)
Michaela Wright - mezzo-soprano
Unusual Way (Nine) 
Michaela Wright - mezzo-soprano
Mondnacht (Schumann)
Paige Graham - soprano
I'm Not Afraid of Anything (Songs for a
New World) Carissa Arduini - Woman 1
Do I Love You? Part I (Rorem)
Michaela Wright - mezzo-soprano
Before I Gaze At You Again (Camelot)
Lauren Falk - soprano
Mondnacht (Schumann)
Olivia Doig - soprano
If I Loved You (Carousel)
Rachel Weinfeld - Julie
Nacht und Träume (Schubert)
Lauren Falk - soprano
Frühlingsglaube (Schubert)
Rachael Heater - soprano
See How They Love Me (Rorem)
Katherine Buzard - soprano
C'est L'extase (Debussy)
Esther Kim Ruder - soprano
Losing My Mind (Follies)
 Kelly Miller - Sally
Mon cadavre est doux (Poulenc)
Caitlin Hennessy - soprano
A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Caitlin McGann - soprano
The Fire Within Me (Little Women: The Musical) Gina Moscato - Jo Marsh
Astonishing (Little Women)
Janna Linae - Jo Marsh
Welcome Home Finale (Bandstand)
Lisa Buhelos - Julia
So In Love (Kiss Me, Kate Revival)
Caitlin Richardson - Lilli Vanessi
Nothing Stops Another Day (Ghost)
Rosemary Wargo - Molly
A Horse With Wings
Madeline Mazzotta - soprano
Fleurs (Poulenc)
Carina Kahane - soprano
Who Am I? (A Tale of Josephine Garrett)
Jordan Bowman - soprano
Simple Song (Mass) - Bernstein
Audrey Vallance - soprano
Popular (Wicked)
Emily Naud - Glinda
Sea Air (A Streetcar Named Desire)
Lauren Nash Silberstein - soprano
Some Things are Meant to Be (Little Women) Lauren Falk - Beth, Paige Graham - Jo
Nachtlied (Mendelssohn)
Lewis McAdow - baritone
Migratory V (Myths and Hymns)
Lara Semetko-Brooks - soprano
Screw Loose (Cry-Baby)
Anna Benoit - Lenora
Wichita Vortex Sutra (Hydrogen Jukebox)
Jake Stamatis - baritone
Do You Remember? (Peter Pan) 
Nicholas Koch - Peter Pan
Spring (Seasons) - Beeftink
Jeffrey Wahl - recorders
Dreams (Op. 38, No. 5) - Rachmaninoff
Marcia Hsu - soprano
An Die Musik (Schubert)
Lianne Aharony - soprano
Ave Maria (Otello) - Verdi
Alison Yuravich - soprano
The Flagmaker, 1775 (Songs for a New World) Berit Johnson - Woman 2
Days of Plenty (Little Women)
Stephanie Shelburne - Marmee
Another Life (Bridges of Madison County)
Carissa Yau - Marian
Shenandoah (arr. Musiker)
Geoffrey Schmelzer - baritone
The Ships of Arcady
Donavan Darienzo - countertenor
Disneyland (Smile)
Ally Miller - Doria
Will There Really Be a Morning?
Kara Taft - soprano
Nothing (A Chorus Line)
Christa Schimitsch - Diana
Deep Blue - Ian Clarke
Michelle Li - flute
Ros Bothan (Cottage Collection) - McMichael
Crystal Bork - flute
How Could I Ever Know? (The Secret Garden)
Ariel Hudak - Lily
Stars and the Moon (Songs For a New World) Sophia Byrd - Woman 1
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